Red Ghost Gun Shop, where Service sets us Apart!

Founded in the 1990s as a second career for our founder, Red Ghost continues to set the standard for excellent customer service in the firearms industry around the Evansville area, and now we're bridging out onto the web!

Red Ghost Gun Shop was originally founded by Terry in the early 1990's. Our first firearm was received into our acquisition book in XX of XX. Since then we've sold more than XX firearms in the Evansville area.

Jim grew up in New Jersey, where the Second Amendment is considered an afterthought when it comes to Constitutionally protected rights. As a result, Jim's interest in firearms was nurtured with a very friendly environment at the local gun store and range he frequented while in college. Shortly after graduating college, Jim moved to the Evansville area in 2007, and started searching for the same kind of environment at his local shop. None of the local shops gave Jim the feeling of welcome and belonging that he was used to, until he found Terry at Red Ghost, and a friendship was formed.

In 2008, with the results of the Presidential election, and the explosive growth that happened immediately afterward, Jim became a welcome hand at the shop when he was not working his regular job. Various responsibilities included inventory control, receiving of merchandise, assisting customers with questions and selections, and other every day activities. Responsibilities continued to expand until there were days and later weeks, were Jim was responsible for day to day operations of the shop when Terry was unavailable.

Eventually, talk turned to a partnership to run the store, and after much deliberation and discussion, Jim and his wife, Ashley, bought in as minority partners in the business. Jim and Terry split the responsibilities for running the shop on a day to day basis, and Ashley handled the majority of the bookkeeping work on the back end. After more than a year of this arrangement, Terry decided that he liked being semi-retired, but would prefer full retirement, and a deal was struck. Jim and Ashley became sole owners of the business in September of 2016.

Now, in an effort to bring our friendly attitudes and commitment to customer service, as well as to satisfy a hole in the market, Red Ghost is expanding into an online sales arena that has been neglected. We are launching this subscription service aimed at people who desire and appreciate good quality gear, on a regular basis, rather than no name "swag" gear from other vendors!  And if for some reason you’re not satisfied with your package of items, we will give you store credit in its place.*

* amount paid less shipping & fees