What's Inside?

Red Ghost Tactical Gadgets & Gear

 We know that when you're on a budget, it can be hard to spend on quality equipment.  This subscription service aims to provide a variety of quality tactical and shooting gear without the painful hit to the bank account - instead, pay a little along the way and get an awesome box of gear delivered to your doorstep each quarter.


Makes the perfect gift

Have a loved one into all things tactical?  Never know what to buy them?  Problem solved!  Buy them a subscription with a 3-mo. prepay.  Or better yet, mark them off your list all year long with the 12-mo subscription!  No stressing over birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or anything!


Need more reasons to sign up?

Included in each shipment will be an assortment of great, high quality goods and equipment for your shooting, training and tactical needs.  Some packages will have multiple smaller items, and some will have one more expensive item.  Our promise to you is simple: the equipment that we are sending you is equipment that we have used, or do currently use - be it for competition, daily carry, or range work.  It's all equipment we would be thrilled to receive on our doorstep, and think you’ll absolutely love it all too!

Below are some sample packages, of which there are photos sprinkled about this site.

1st Qtr 2018:  Streamlight 2L-X, Kershaw Select Fire, Ultimate Carry Belt, SureFire Sonic Defender Plus Ear Plugs

Sample Pack #1: Hawke 3-9x40 Scope, Reactive / Self Healing Target

Sample Pack #2:  Zero Tolerance 0350 Assisted Opening Knife, Paracord bracelet

Sample Pack #3:  Gunvault Quick Access Safe, Pistol Sleeve, Gun Rack

Sample Pack #4:  Range Bag, Electronic Hearing Protection, Eye Protection, Pistol Sleeves